Gaming News: Project GODUS reaches goal!

projectgodus1We previously reported on Peter Molyneux’s Kickstater to raise £450,000 for Project Godus, a promised reinvention of the dormant “god game” genre. Well, with two days to spare, and thanks to 15,000 backers, he’s over the line so we can look forward to seeing this sometime in late 2013. Its interesting it funded so late, compared some of kickstarters other high-profile gaming projects, but with David Braben’s Elite kickstarter looking like it could go close the wire – or even fail – there are signs that maybe this trend for big money gaming projects may be about to falter. Anyway, 22cans have released a bunch of stretch goals, and a prototype demonstration video, which is under the cut.

GS Reporter: Matt

Source: Kickstarter

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  1. Very happy for them. I’d like to see where this idea is going.

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