Steampunk Undersea Adventure “Fathom” Surfaces on Kickstarter


It is the late 1870s, and Shipwreck survivor Nathaniel Lockhart builds an experimental Bathysphere to explore the Caribbean Sea and solve the mystery of the attack that nearly killed him. This is the plot of Fathom, a self-described 2.5D puzzle/combat/exploration game with strong Steampunk stylings that has just launched on Kickstarter

From indie developers Ironsun, the Kickstarter is asking for £120,000 to move the game from prototype to PC release, which means there is a lot of stuff to look at on the site already, which I always find comforting. I’ve added a couple more screenshots below, which give you a nice feel of the aesthetic they are going for. Visually alone, I think it looks pretty neat.

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GS Reporter: Matt

Source: Kickstarter / Ironsun Studios.

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