Greek Myth Rises Again on Consoles

Argonauts - Role Out. Oh wait ... thats Autobots...

Argonauts - Role Out. Oh wait ... that's Autobots...

Managed to catch the “playr” series of programmes this morning and amongst the goodies was this RPG Gem, which will appear on the PC, Playstation 3 and X-Box 360 in November this very year. I’ve been interested in Greek Mythology (and indeed history) for many years, and this really tickled my fancy.

Rise of the Argonauts sees the player take on the role of Jason on his quest to restore his darling wife back to life via the Golden Fleece. The game is an RPG that takes a leaf out of Mass Effect’s conversation book – select a brief response and the actors spiel off their version of your words.

Mass Effect Style Conversations Abound

Mass Effect Style Conversations Abound

Power ups come from one of four Gods who you can offer your “achievements” to as you go. In addition to power ups, the player can also gain God Powers this way – which are basically more powerful power ups.

Combat is hack and slash, with light, heavy and shield attacks and the player is equipped with Spear, Sword and club with which to pound the hordes of enemies that come against him. Fear not, for Jason is not alone – allies include Heracles (misnamed Hercules – fraking Romans …), Pan the Satyr, Achilles and Atalantia – the babe of the piece during gameplay.

That Big Dude ripping the other dude in half? Thats Heracles. Thank the Gods hes on your side!

That Big Dude ripping the other dude in half? That's Heracles. Thank the Gods he's on your side!

It looks an interesting mix of RPG and Hack and Slash – certainly worth a rent at least if your into either of those games. Hopefully it takes the best elements of the genres and mixes them in a compelling manner that is true to the myth while offering a new story spin.

Official Site: Here

More preview articles can be found at Gamespot.

Source: Playr (20 Sep 2008, 09:00, Bravo2)

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