ID Software’s Given Birth to a REALLY Healthy Baby (Rage)

Rage Logo

If you’ve seen the latest trailer for Rage you’re probably still salivating. I hope you’re ready for some more interesting news about Rage.

Rage is big. How big? Remember the previous console generation? The Ps2 and Xbox days? Remember when games came on more than one disk? Well, Rage is bringing those days back. On Xbox 360, Rage will be stored on 3 disks. Count ’em: 3! For the PLayStation 3, a download of Rage onto your hard drive would be 8 gigabytes. For PS3 owners, you know how precious free hard drive space is. The reason for the big install is that you need the game installed to your hard drive in order for the PS3 to handle textures. A hard drive install for the Xbox 360 is suggested for the 36 as well, but it’s not demanding like the PS3’s is.

So it’s no mystery that Rage is an incredibly ambitious work from the guys at id. Fingers crossed that it’s worth all the GB.

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