Is Something Happening with the XCOM FPS?

image_233516_thumb_wide300Before Firaxis’ relaunched XCOM: Enemy Unknown swept everyone away late last year, there was already another XCOM game in the works. Due to be released by Take-Two, this was a 1960s set shooter with little apparent in common other than the name, and had been receiving a mixed response in the buildup to a March 2012 release. So, in April 2013, whats happened to it? Abduction? 

Well, we don’t really know but Take-Two have been registering domains under variants of “The Bureau” and all trace of the XCOM game have been removed from the official sites and YouTube Channels. a viral video briefly appeared (and then vanished again) linking to another couple of Take-Two registered domains. Signs are pointing to a full-on rebrand, which is probably a smart move – this looked like it a could be a good game, unnecessarily linked to much love franchise that it had little to do with.

Reporter: Matt

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  1. Mark /

    you do get the x-com/(ufo eu) fan’s fliped out at it… sound and fury and did the real xcom game a service in getting the name back in public
    Take-Two thought to we need this kind of pain on 2nd rate title.
    so they pulled it, it’s not rocket science.

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