Jim Lee + Geoff Johns = Shake N’ Bake!

If someone asked you who the perfect writer for the DC Comics MMO was, what would be your answer? In my list, I wouldn’t hesitate to mention Geoff Johns, aka “Mr. DC” aka “architect of the current DC Universe.” Well, gamers, DC Universe Online is in the capable hands of none other than Geoff Johns! Johns will be joining Jim Lee on art duties as the writer.

Geoff Johns and Lim Lee together? What a team!

Aargh! I wish I had the time (and the money to burn) to play this! If anyone’s sold on  this game and you’re rearranging your budget to participate in this game, I want to come over to your house! It’s probably going to be hell to get in on the beta.

Soure: MMMORPG.com

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