Judge Dredd game coming to iPad

A new game featuring helmet-headed future lawman Judge Dredd will be coming to the iPad next year. Mega-City One’s top judge also dispenses his brand of instant bullety justice on the big screen next year. Dredd features Star Trek‘s Bones McCoy, Karl Urban, as the stony-faced sci-fi copper.

Australian developer Tin Man Games is building the app, in conjunction with the people behind the recent Dredd tabletop roleplaying game. It takes the form of a gamebook, a kind of high-tech choose your own adventure or Fighting Fantasy in which your choices determine the story.

The last Judge Dredd game was Judge Dredd: Dredd vs Death which was released for the PC, PlayStation 2, Xbox and GameCube in 2003. And there was the game accompanying the 1995 movie Judge Dredd starring Sylvester Stallone:

Judge Dredd will be hitting the iTunes App Store in the second half of 2012, and will be available for Android phones and tablets before the end of the year.

Source: CNET.co.uk

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