Judge Dredd vs. Zombies coming to the Android platform

In response to the game’s massive success on iPad and iPhone, as well as calls from Judge Dredd fans across the world, the Oxford-based studio Rebellion has started work on bringing the over-the-top futuristic undead mayhem to Android devices.

Judge Dredd vs. Zombies has been a runaway hit on the iPad and iPhone and we’ve been delighted with the response from both Dredd fans and casual gamers,” said Jason Kingsley, CEO of Rebellion. “We’ve had a lot of calls for the game on other platforms, particularly Android, so we’ve decided to adapt it. It’s a very addictive game and one that we’re very pleased to now be able to bring to millions of other devices around the world.”

Set in the dystopian sci-fi nightmare of Mega-City One, players taking on the role of one of the world’s most famous comic book heroes as Judge Dredd declares a (second) death sentence on invading zombies. Using simple, “single-stick” controls, players shoot up zombies, unlock weapons and upgrade equipment.

A massive update released in February incorporated a new arena game with leaderboards, as well as new weapons upgrades and ‘Psi Division’ support in which psychic Judges predict future crimes so that players can earn extra credits.

A release date has yet to be announced for the Android version of the game.

“By having Judge Dredd vs. Zombies as an iOS title first it gave us the chance to develop and upgrade the game before taking it out to other platforms,” said Chris Kingsley, CTO of Rebellion. “As we branch out into the mobile gaming market, we’re learning a lot about what makes a great game. We’re now in a much better position to take those lessons and deliver a fantastic title to Android.”

Created by John Wagner and Carlos Ezquerra, Judge Dredd is the most famous character from seminal British anthology comic 2000 AD, which celebrates its 35th anniversary this year. A new multi-million pound film based on the character, Dredd, hits cinemas on 21st September with Karl Urban playing the Lawman of the Future.

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