Just Cause 2 – Vertical Gameplay

This is a video what Eidos have done. It is about how “Just Cause 2” is deep as well as wide.

It all looks very gorgeous.

This game looks like it could easily straddle the middle ground between the GTA games and more extreme open-world third-person actioners like “Prototype” and “Infamous”. Mind, that means it’ll have to work hard to overcome the treacherous pitfalls of the genre, which this particular franchise will need to be even more vigilant about, as it has previous form.

The first “Just Cause” game was also beautiful, and already had some extremely appealing high-altitude excitement to it, but was also one of the first games to really fall prey to the at-that-time newly exposed issues with the sand-box milieu – that of the too-large environment, and the too-free structure. “Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas” was the game that first showed that you could have too much of this particular good thing, and while it had it’s own charm, “Just Cause” inherited all of the problems, but with a few clunks of its own.

This sequel looks gorgeous enough that there might be some extended enjoyment in just jumping off a building once in awhile, but I’m hoping that as well as improving the arguably already awesome scope of the franchise’s vertical extremeties, they’ve looked into the areas where the first game left the player wondering why they should do the amazing things that the game lets them do. I mean, for more than a few hours!

GS Reporter: Nick!
Source: Eidos

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