LG Electronics & GAIKAI Announce Partnership on Cloud Gaming

Gaikai Inc. and LG Electronics today announced a key strategic partnership to launch an integrated Smart TV cloud gaming service across LG Cinema 3D TV starting with the 2012 products. A prototype version of the service will be demoed live from the CES 2012 show floor in Las Vegas.

Gaikai has spent three years building the fastest interactive cloud network in the world, instantly capable of delivering cutting-edge games without the need for any extra custom hardware.

Coupled with relationships with the top video game and development partners around the world, Gaikai is capable of delivering a broad catalog of the world’s most exciting games straight to LG connected consumers.

“We care passionately about delivering the best content and most premium experiences possible for our valued customers”, said Taeg Il Cho, VP of TV Product Planning Group at LG Electronics, “the ability to have award winning games that run on much more powerful hardware in the cloud than today’s PlayStation® 3 or Xbox® 360, made this a must-have feature for our televisions and future devices”.

“Thanks to the Internet, you can watch the latest movies and listen to the latest music practically anywhere,” said David Perry the CEO of Gaikai, “but until today, to play the biggest blockbuster video games, every household has had to buy and set up expensive video game console hardware. That’s all about to change and pioneers in the space can build direct digital relationships with their end consumers.”
LG will leverage Gaikai’s processing cloud platform for its game portal service operating within the LG Smart TV ecosystem. Consumers will be able to use Smart TV sign-in and seamlessly play a broad range of games, including some of the latest award-winning releases.

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