Live action Halo ODST Trailer hits the net

I’ve always prided myself in not letting a flashy trailer make me part with my hard earned cash for a video game. Those b**tards at Bungie have gone and ruined that now. I just watched the latest trailer for Halo ODST and I learnt two things

1) I want to play that game now and be one of the badasses that is ODST.

2) They so need to make a feature length movie in this same style or screw that a TV series.

I’ve already watched the video a few times and I love it. The score, the feel, the mood and the visuals gives it a kind of BSg quality to it.

The only thing that spoils it is the badly placed Xbox price advert right at the end. Still as trailers go this one is kick ass.

GS Reporter: Nuge

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  1. Crimson Archer /

    I’ve never played a Halo game, but the trailer was amazing!

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