Lord of the Rings Online goes free September 10th

Turbine and WBIE announced today that The Lord of the Rings Online free-to-play version is going live to the public on September 10th.

Kate Paiz, Executive Producer of LOTRO, Turbine said:

“Our LOTRO beta program has been a huge success and we want to thank all of our players who worked with us to get the game ready for launch, Our unique pricing model has revolutionized the industry and starting in September, players will be able to choose how they pay for and play one of the world’s best online games and we can’t wait to welcome millions of new players to Middle-earth!”

For more informaion visit www.lotro.com

Lotro is a good game, i still drop in a play a few times a month. it is a bit sparsely populated but with it going free to play maybe that will change. it’s not surprising they have done this as with WoW going from strength to strength, DC Universe Online and Star Wars: The Old Repunlic coming out this year and a slew of other MMO’s on the horizion lotro probably would of lasted much longer.

GS Reporter: Matt

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  1. Crimson Archer /

    I will certianly be returning to LoTRO once it goes F2P. Can’t wait to get back in!! 😀

  2. Dave /

    Have they confirmed EU f2p? Not seen anything that talks about us specifically.

  3. Dion /

    Clover, Mattie and I all play this. Anyone looking to hook up with the Scrolls posse in-game, post here or e-mail us at [email protected]

    Yeah, I know this was posted ages ago. I’m just a slacker, what can I say?

    Dion 😀

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