Lost Planet 2 Trailers

These videos aren’t new, but they’re relatively new to me, and you might get a kick out of them too.

“Lost Planet 2” will be coming out for the XBox 360 and PS3 at the tail end of this year. Which means it’s another exercise in frustration for those of us who threw our hat in with the Wii, and stuck to our PCs for proper gaming.

(It’s worth watching these vids in the high quality versions, if you can!)

“Lost Planet” was a lovely little sci-fi 3rd-person actioner, that I played the hell out of on my PC purely because it had one of the more robust and pleasant to play game-engines of the last few years. Graphically, it had beautifully realised settings, but the real pleasure of it was how satisfying it was to play – not a given, when it comes to 3rd person action on a PC.

From the looks of these gameplay videos, they’ve refined the awesome of the game’s appearance – with the same delicious rich visual aesthetic – but it also looks like there might be some decent squad-based play going on here, too… something that I much prefer in 3rd than 1st person shooters.

There’s also a sense of scale and action/feedback to the monster battles which puts me in mind of the truly awesome “Shadow Of Colossus”. It may be a false impression, but it makes me feel squishy about this game in advance…

(It’s taken me a while longer than I’d have liked to compile this post, because my first few impulses were to just write “lookit, shooty! ‘splodey monsters!”)

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