Marvel MMO News – Brian Bendis Announced as Head Writer and No Subscription Fees!

So as we reported earlier this week Marvel have been working on their own MMO and after a press confernece launching the news we now have more infomation.

  • Brian Micheal Bendis will be the head writer on the MMO.
  • The game will be free to play…that’s right FREE!
  • So far it’s been announced for the PC only but my gut tells me it won’t just be for the PC.
  • Doctor Doom will be the main villain of the game.
  • Some of the characters you can play as will be Thor, Captain America, Spider-Man, Wolverine,Nova, Hulk, Iron Man and we are promised many more. Apparently Marvel MMO will contain more character than any other Marvel game previously released.

So what do we all think about this news especially the fact that this will be free to play?

GS Reporter: Nuge

Source: Marvel

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  1. The F2P point is a shocker to me. DC holds the line at $2.99 when it comes to comics, but Marvel’s holding it at $0 for their game!

    My guess is that this will not be on the level that high profile MMOs are on. I don’t think it’ll look like a DCU online counterpart.

    • Oh, silly me! So I was right. This is associated with the marvel Super Hero Squad Online game. As I thought. It’s a tie-in with the cartoon. It’s not going to be an MMO proper.

  2. Crimson Archer /

    Love the idea of a Marvel Universe MMO, love the fact it’ll be free to play, HATE the idea of playing as one of their established characters!!! The reason I play MMOs is to create my own characters and write my own stories. I would LOVE to have my characters interact with the known characters of MU, but being on a team with 3 Thors, a couple of Captain Americas and a Punisher just doesn’t appeal…

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