Medal of Honor Debut Trailer

Medal of Honor is coming back….watch out Call of Duty.

If you didn’t know then long before Call of Duty let alone Call of Duty: Modern Warfare starting  back in 1999 there was a fantastic game franchise called Medal of Honor published by EA. Medal of Honor was a good game but it was the 3rd game in the series Medal of Honor: Allied Assault released in 2002 a year before Call of Duty  that catapulted the series into legendary status. In fact Call of Duty was developed by several members of the original team that made the Medal of Honor on the PS1.

Well Medal of Honor is coming back and like its sibling Call of Duty, it’s coming into the modern arena from it’s World War II base. Expected to land in 2010 here is the first trailer for the game.

It may not have been the first but Call of Duty is now the King of war time FPS games and it’s going to be very hard for Medal of Honor to regain its crown in a growing crowded market that will also include another EA game, Battlefield Bad Company 2.

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