Merlin: The Game Launches into Open Beta

Forget Call of Duty selling over 15 million copies, with no big downloads and no install necessary, Facebook games like Farmville and Mafia Wars are played by some 100 million gamers. Bossa Studios are planning the next big Facebook game with Merlin: The Game which is now available to play in open beta.

Describe by the developers as a fun and beautifully crafted game, Merlin will introduce more casual gamers to a real-time, co-operative, role-playing experience.

  • Merlin allows you and six of your best friends to fight off hordes of monsters, complete quests and explore new exciting areas.
  • As you battle across Camelot gain experience points, level up and customise your character with the skills you want to use.
  • Progressing through the game allows you to upgrade your equipment from the basic clothing of the medieval age to shimmering suits of armour, or colourful sorcerer’s robes.
  • Striking and exciting visuals allow you to dive into the world of Merlin and explore the world of Camelot beautifully rendered in a new stylised environment
  • Be part of the story in the action adventure game that will always have new content for you to explore.

To play Merlin: The Game, please visit the official website:

Source: Indigo Pearl
Reporter: Soulfinger

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