Microsoft Showcase IllumiRoom Concept: 1st Clue for Xbox 720?

IllumiRoomMicrosoft has released a new video that showcases its IllumiRoom Project which aims to take images beyond your TV for an immersive gaming experience. All clue’s lead to this may be something implemented in the next Xbox and 2nd generation Kinect motion control system.

IllumiRoom features projected images from a Kinect for a Windows camera combined with a projector that expands the playing field to fill the entire room by adapting the projected visuals in real-time without any need to custom pre-process the graphics. This surrounds the gamer in a fully immersive graphical ambience

The system is still in prototype and Microsoft Research will be revealing more about this concept in the coming months.

Source: Pocket-lint

Reporter: Soulfinger

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  1. This is a really awesome concept, can’t wait to see it in the ‘real world’.

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