Modern Warfare 3 limited edition Xbox 360

The upcoming special edition Callof Duty: Modern Warware 3 Xbox 360will  cost you £270 which will be almost £100 more than a regular 250GB Xbox 360. As well as a custome Modern Warfare 3 skin on the 360 and 2 controllers it comes with custom sound effects. Turn it on or off, and it sounds like a plasma rifle charging up. Eject the disc tray, and it sounds like a futuristic walkie talkie ringtone.

The 250GB console comes with a copy of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, two wireless controls that bear the same graphics and branding as the console, a one month Xbox Live Gold subscription, and exclusive avatar items that non-console owners won’t have. The new console will be released on 8th November along with Modern Warfare 3.


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