Motorstorm Apocalypse Live event

Last Thursday we attended the Motorstorm Apocalypse Live event which took place at a secret location in London (The Sorting Office on New Oxford Street) which is an old abandoned postal sorting office that was made to look like a cross between Mad Max’s Thunderdome, a UFC cage ring and an illegal rave.  Competitors representing FHM, Eurogamer, IGN & Games Radar battled it out to prove their Stormer credentials and win a trip to E3 by racing under the most extreme conditions…..and let me tell you there were some extreme conditions.

The tournament consisted of several rounds of head to head 4 player races with each player/team in their own cage within the battle arena as all sorts of distraction happening around them including explosions, smoke…lots of it, strobe lights, LOUD music, dog handlers with their dogs poking into the gages and the final which had 2 motorbike riders zipping round the arena and burning rubber (I smelt like a Motor GP pit lane after that final.

The final consisted of the top 4 points scorers of the various rounds playing off over 3 races. All 4 players had already won themselves a Sony 3D TV for getting to the final and were now playing for a trip to this year’s E3 event in LA as guests of Sony.  Coming into the final Tom representing IGN was the favourite but after winning 2 of the 3 races, Matthew representing FHM took the tile and won himself an all expenses paid trip to this summer’s E3 event.

Big thanks to Eurogamer for inviting the Geek Syndicate & Next Level Podcast gang down. I can’t wait to get my hands on the full game.

Motorstorm Apocalypse is released in the UK on Friday 18th March.


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