Netflix App Now Available on UK PlayStation 3

US movie and TV streaming service Netflix UK launch seems to be inevitable with the arrival of its app on PS3.

The Netflix app can now be downloaded on the PS3 Cross Media Bar with a coming soon message and an option to register for updates via email for further information on the services launch.

Netflix allows users to stream unlimited film and TV content to their PS3s for a monthly subscription fee. The PS3 currently already has streaming service LoveFilm, 4od, ITV and BBC iPlayer available to users.

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  1. Just hoping there’s a free trial period (to see if streaming works well or is glitchy in my area) and that it’s cheaper than Lovefilm.
    If all is A-ok then I’m all over this puppy!

  2. Yup, there’s a one month free trial period. Started it today. Streaming has been seamless so far (during the day) with a pretty decent selection of film and tv – not as much as I would like but there is a good mixture, some quality classics and a dollop of shite. The big questions are how often will new content be added and how well will the streaming perform at Peak times of the day – i.e. between 7-11pm.
    I’ve discovered that to try to maintain competition Lovefilm have launched a streaming only package for just £4.99 per month. Interesting times. Wonder what Sky are going to come up with to maintain their domination…?

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