New Blue Estate Game, Coming Soon Exclusively to Leap Motion

blue-estate 2Blue Estate is a new revolutionary dark comedy shooter for PC, based on Blue Estate comic books, that is aiming to be the first killer game for the  Leap Motion 3D motion controller.

Blue Estate is a darkly funny rail shooter game launching soon exclusively for Leap Motion™. Based on the Eisner Awards-nominated Blue Estate comic books from Viktor Kalvachev and developed by HESAW, the Blue Estate game for PC offers slick wit and punishing violence, all set in an eye-popping technicolor mob world.

The prologue of Blue Estate will land exclusively in the Leap Motion Airspace™ Store soon.  The Leap Motion Controller gives people an exciting new way to play games on their computers using their hands in the air.

In the Blue Estate game for Leap Motion, players step into the shoes of self-styled “angel of murder” Tony Luciano as they’re dragged greasy hair-first into a tangled web of mobster chaos and high-velocity violence.  What Tony lacks in smarts he more than makes up for in gun-toting belligerence. The only thing that can keep up with his trigger finger is his penchant for sarcastic one-liners.



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The Leap Motion Controller – a new way to play, learn, create, and explore just by using hands in the air. It uses proprietary advanced motion sensing technology for human–computer interaction. Find out more about Leap Motion here


Source: Indigo Pearl
Reporter: Soulfinger

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