New Images for Star Trek: The Video Game

_bmUploads_2013-02-04_1121_STAR TREK XBOX360More images released from the Star Trek video game.

Last week one of our intrepid GS team members went on an Away mission to attend a special presentation for upcoming Star Trek video game. I can report taht is you missed his tweets during the present ation was that he was very impressed with what he saw.

I’ve got my fingers crossed that this is not a case of style over substance as I would really like to see a solid Star Trek game.

With the release of the game less than two months away the developers have treated us to a load of new screen shots from the game. Personally I’m looking forward to having a wander and around the enterprise getting a chance to actually control the ship itself.

Have a look and let us know what you think? What do you want to see from this new Star Trek game?

Reporter: Nuge

Source: Star Trek Video Game

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  1. You have to love the quality of the Graphics of this game I can only hope that the game play is of a similar high standard.

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