New PlayStation Phone Video

A new clear (non of this graining spy shots and videos) video has shown up on YouTube that now virtually confirms the Sony’s “PlayStation Phone” is real and a working prototype is out there.  Rumours are the official name is the Sony Ericsson ZEUS – Z1 and it will launch in Feb 2011.

The screen flips up PSPgo-style to reveal a D-pad and face buttons, and the long oval touch pad that replaces the PSP’s analogue nub. The phone also has a camera and LED flash on the back but no word on how many mega pixels and finally there’s a micro-USB port and an earphone jack.

No word as yet on what type of games the phone will play and if its compatible will be with the current PSP or the PS3. It is rumoured to run the upcoming Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) OS.

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