New Screenshots for LEGO Marvel Super Heroes

gaming-lego-marvel-heroes-2Check these new screenshots from the upcoming LEGO Marvel Super Heroes.

I loved Lego Batman 2 but as a geek whose heart will always lean towards Marvel I was left wondering what a Lego game set in the Marvel universe would work. If the final game matches up to the promise of these images then I don’t think we’re going to have to worry about Lego not being able to pull this one off.

Tell me just how awesome does Lego Iron man and Lego Hulk look???

lego-marvel-superheroes-3 gaming-lego-marvel-heroes-1 gaming-lego-marvel-heroes-3 gaming-lego-marvel-heroes-5 LEGO-Marvel-SH_Abomination













GS Reporter: Nuge
Source: Digital Spy

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  1. jms1701 /

    Sooo cool – Want to play Iron man now!!!

    Boo tho, just went to Amazon to see if could pre-order but can’t see that it’s available to yet 🙁

    Any idea when it’s due for release yet?

    • No idea when it’s out. All I know is I’m buying it when it is.

      • jms1701 /

        Right with you on that one – I just did a bit of searching and looks like it’s due for release in Autumn 2013.

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