New Tomb Raider 3 film will reboot the series

Tomb Raider 6GK Films have announced that they are going to make a 3rd Tomb Raider film and like the recent game, it will reboot the Lara Croft story.

The new film is being developed by MGM in partnership with GK Films. GK founder Graham King will serve as producer, and the two companies said development of the first film would begin “immediately”. King said: “The enthusiasm over the recent game release is very encouraging and we can’t wait to bring it to the big screen.”

It will be interesting to see if the new film retells Lara Croft’s origin inin the same gritty and darker style of the new game which would be a move away from the glossy action style of the original Angelina Jolie films. The film rights for Tomb Raider where sold to GK Films by Square Enix so I assume GK Films will have full creative control of the new film but here’s hoping the team at Eidos that made the new game are brought into the development process of any new film.

Source: Sky News

Reporter: Soulfinger

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