Nintendo 3DS Circle Pad Pro gets official US price & release date

Nintendo has announced a February 7, 2012 US release date and $19.99 price tag on the 3DS Circle Pad Pro. It will be available exclusively at GameStop both in-store and online. The occicial press release says: “The Circle Pad Pro is a comfortable cradle that holds the Nintendo 3DS system while adding an analogue Circle Pad on the system’s right side.”The attachment also adds additional shoulder buttons to give it a feel more akin to traditional console controllers. It is designed as an optional accessory and is compatible with Resident Evil Revelations and Metal Gear Solid 3D Snake Eater.”

The Circle Pad Pro requires just one AAA battery and reports suggest this will give up to 480 hours of play time.

The accessory was released in Japan at the weekend and will launch in the UK on 27 January. European specific pricing has yet to be announced.

Hmmm…I wonder if the PS Vita’s twin analogue sticks led to this add-on?


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  1. It looks super clunky but is supposedly very comfortable.

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