Nintendo announce new 2DS handheld console

Nintendo 2DS ImageIn a surprise move, Nintendo have announced a new 2DS handheld gaming system to join its family of 3DS consoles. The 2DS is a cheaper version of its 3DS handheld console that removes the 3D features and moves away from their trademark clamshell design to a flat tablet style design.

The 2DS  will play any existing 3DS or DS game, but without the 3D effects, and it includes Wi-Fi, multiplayer games, and the Nintendo eShop. The 2DS only includes one speaker, which plays mono sound, but features full stereo via its headphone jack. As an entry level system it looks like Nintendo are targeting young children and also gamers that play their handled more at home than on the go.  The 2DS will retail at $129.99 in the US which is $40 cheaper than the 3DS. No official UK pricing has been announced but it is estimated that it will cost around £109.99, £30 cheaper than the 3DS. The 2DS will be available in North America, and the UK on October 12th.




Source: The Verge

Reporter: Soulfinger

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