Nintendo announces 3 new Wii U hardware bundles for Christmas

WiiUWith the PS4 and Xbox One due to be released next month, you’d be forgiven for forgetting that Nintendo has a next gen console already out there. Well Nintendo in time for Christmas will be releasing 3 new console bundles with popular games such as New Super Mario Bros, Wii U Party and Just  Dance.

The bundles will be release throughout November (directly in line with the release of the PS4 and Xbox One) starting on November 8th with the release of a New Super Mario Bros. U/32GB deluxe edition Wii U game console (the pack also contains the Luigi-based expansion).

Following that on November 15th, an 8GB Wii U limited edition model bundled with Wii Party U and Nintendo Land.

Finally the third, also an 8GB limited edition model will be released on November 22nd with Just Dance 4 and Nintendo Land.

All 3 bundles are list as costing £250.

Wii U bundles


Source: Engadget

Reporter: Soulfinger

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