Nintendo discontinues the Wii in Europe

nintendo-wiiIts safe to say that Nintendo’s Wii console was as much of a game changer as the original NES/SNES systems by being a major catalyst for bringing gaming to all elements of the family from kids to parents to grandparent. Well after announcing 2 weeks ago that manufacturing and sales  in Japan had ended, Nintendo has confirmed that they will be stopping shipment of the Wii in Europe. Once stock has run out, you will only be able to buy the console second-hand.

With over 100 million units shipped worldwide, the Wii sold more than both the Xbox 360 and PS3 this generation and more importantly, its motioned controlled games were so popular initially that they appealed to a wider range of people introducing a whole new wave of people to video games that had not played them before.

Major retailers such as Argos, Asda, and Tesco have already stopped selling the Wii online, but Sainsbury’s, Game and Amazon still have it listed.

No news has been confirmed about sales in North America so for now Wii sales will continue.


Source: CNET UK

Reporter: Soulfinger

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