Nintendo Wii Mini Coming to the UK in March

wii-miiniNintendo has announced the the Wii Mini which launched late last year as an exclusive to Canada only will be released in thethe UK on March 22nd.

The Wii Mini has no SD card slot and only one USB port. It also has no internet connectivity, no online play, no Wii Shop or GameCube support, but is compatible with 1,200 disc-based Wii games and supports “most” Wii accessories.

No price has been confirmed for the Wii Mini but when in launched in Canada it cost $99.99 Canadian dollars so we should expect a sub $100 price tag (my guess is £79.99)

Wii Mini 2

Now personally this doesn’t make much sense to me why Nintendo are releasing this new model of the Wii. The Wii U is already selling poorly, there’s confusion about if there is a deference between the Wii and the Wii U, although the original Wii sold huge numbers globally, in recent months sales have slowed and games sales are very low.

With the PS4 officially announced and the next gen Xbox round the corner, how doe’s the release of a new Wii mini up the game for Nintendo?







Reporter: Soulfinger

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