No more HD remakes planned says Microsoft


In November 343 Industries will be releasing the HD remake of Halo combat evolved, but Microsoft is adamant that this will be the only one.

Frank O’Conner of 343 Industries said, “We started work on Halo Anniversary conceptually a couple of years ago,” he said. “It was something people had asked for really specifically, like: ‘Give us an HD remake of Halo.'” He said that the remake was like a gift to players, and that timing played a really big part. “If this was the 12th year [since Halo launched] we probably wouldn’t be doing it. It’s a specific event.”

Halo 2 turns ten in 2014 and 343 are still not sure whether they are going to be remaking it, however they have neither confirmed nor denied this is happening.   In light of the fact  the game was such a massive Xbox Live hit that people were playing it in huge numbers right until the game was shut down it probably wont be long before we can expect a remake.

If Microsoft goes ahead with this plan I hope this move won’t encourage some of the third party developers to follow suit. There are a number of  Xbox titles that I would really love to see remade.

GS Reporter: Jack Edge

Source : CVG

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  1. As Bro has just said…. in other words they are waiting to see how HALO:Anniversary sells before they decide to HD-ize Halo:2

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