Nvidia Unveils Project Shield Android Gaming Console

Nvidia's Project Shield portable games consoleIts the Consumer Electronic Show (CES) this week, the biggest consumer entertainment trade show in the world. Expect lots of new product launches and news. Nvidia have kicked things off with the first major press conference of the show by announcing that it plans to produce its own hand-held video-games console currently know as Project Shield.

Project Shield is an the Android based mobile console that has a 5-inch touch-screen with a control pad built into a clam-shell design. The system will run off its powerful new next-gen processor for tablets and mobile phones which it also unveiled at CES today. The control is bigger than an Xbox 360 controller but smaller than the new Wii U gamepad.

The console has built in wi-fi and will be able to play games from Google’s Play store as well as stream games from a PC that’s on the same network. Its screen resolution is 720p, but the machine will be capable of playing  games and video in the new 4k standard.

Nvidia project_shield

Nvidia did not give a price or a specific release date for the new console but did say it will be out in the 2nd quarter of this year so watch this space. With the 3DS and PSVita (which hasn’t exactly sold like hotcakes) I’m not sure the market Nvidia are after. With its ability to only play Android games this is basically a Samsung Galaxy S3/Note with a control pad.

Can’t say I’m convinced but I look forward to trying one out whenever it is released.

Source: BBC.com

Reporter: Soulfinger

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