Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising with four player action

I’ve not been taking much notice of the Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising press releases until this one dropped in my lap about four player co-op. After kicking some zombie butt on Left 4 Dead and Nazi/ Japanese butt on Call of Duty: World of War if there was one less I took away from both games was how much I enjoyed 4 player multiplayer. There’s definitely not enough of these game for me and my mates to get their teeth into.

My list of games to buy is pretty full already (more than my wallet can handle) but I’ll be definitely adding this game onto my rental list.

Check out the video and then the press release for more info.

A four-man fire team makes for the perfect online co-op experience says Executive Producer – see why in the new co-op gameplay video at www.flashpointgame.com

Tuesday 1st September/… Discover the devastating impact a four-player fire team can have on the battlefield as Codemasters® revealed the new ‘Co-op’ video for Operation Flashpoint®: Dragon Rising™, the shooter that’s set to take online co-op players as close to war as they’ll ever want to get, now available at www.flashpointgame.com.

In Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising, the entire single player campaign is fully playable co-operatively for up to four players online. Teamwork and communication are key as gamers take on USMC infantry and spec ops roles battling the might of the Chinese PLA as the war plays out across Skira island.

“There’s no better FPS experience than playing together with mates in a fire team and four-player co-op is the sweet spot; I’d say it’s the ultimate Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising experience,” said Sion Lenton, Executive Producer for Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising. “The nature and freedom of the game lends itself perfectly to the spirit of co-op play – especially as human players explore avenues that the AI won’t always,”

During a co-op game, the host assumes the role of fire team leader and the remaining players choose their role, including medic, rifleman, engineer or anti-tank specialist, via the load out screen. The fire team leader is responsible for issuing specific commands, such as directing suppressing fire, setting way points and instigating flanking manoeuvres. Similarly, if players take control of a vehicle during a mission, roles specific to that vehicle become available, such as driver, commander, gunner or co-pilot in a helicopter.

“Good communication between fire team members is hugely important, especially when mission objectives can be handled in multiple ways. The successful co-op team will learn authentic USMC tactics via the command radial and gameplay encourages the discussion of those tactics; that’s the key to winning the battle and ultimately the war,” continued Lenton.

“It’s a thoroughly immersive co-op experience; the tense atmosphere becomes especially apparent in the spec ops missions, where players will find themselves whispering commands to each other as they become gripped by the fear of being discovered by the enemy.”

In addition to the campaign, the game’s individual single missions, once completed, can be set up as self contained co-op games. This enables players to jump straight to their favourite missions have up to 3 players to join as part of their unit. Co-op play also offers re-spawn points at checkpoints gameplay that encourages the fire team to stick together.

Muster your fire team in readiness for Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising when it arrives October 6th (US) / 8th (PAL) / 9th (UK) for the Xbox 360® video game and entertainment system from Microsoft®, PlayStation®3 computer entertainment system and PC. Preview co-op gameplay in the new video, now available online at www.flashpointgame.com. Gamers can also receive the latest updates as they happen by signing up to Facebook – http://www.facebook.com/flashpointgame or follow developments straight from the studio on Twitter – http://twitter.com/flashpointgame.

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