Plants Vs Zombies – Free and In Your Browser!

It’s possible that you missed “Plants Vs Zombies”, the awesome tower-defense game from Popcap.

In case you did, here is a brief description of it.

You have a house. There are Zombies trying to get in your house. But you have access to Plants. Zombie killing Plants. You plant the Plants. The Plants kill the Zombies. Unless the Zombies get to the Plants. Then the Zombies kill them.

Admit it, you’re intrigued…

The game is stupidly cheap and ridiculously addictive, but luckily, you don’t even have to pay the two or three cans of baked beans that it costs to get a taste of it, because Popcap have released a pretty fully-featured in-browser version of the first 14 levels, for free.

It is here: PopCap Games

GS Reporter: Nick!
Source: PopCap Games

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