Pre-owned Wii U Consoles Allowing Free Game Downloads

WiiUIn the week Sony submits a patent to possibly block pre-owned games from being played on their next generation consoles, Nintendo seems to have accidentally allowed owners of pre-owned Wii U consoles to be able to download games previously downloaded by the original console owner according to reporters floating around the internet.

An owner of 2nd hand/pre-owned Wii U consoles (I’m amazed pre-owned Wii U’s are already available) is claiming that they have been able to download digital games for free that seem to have been games previously downloaded and paid for by the consoles original owner even though the console hard drive had been cleaned and the previous account deleted. When they entered the Nintendo e-Shop some games had reload next to them with no price even though the owner had never downloaded them before.

The problem seems to stem from the fact that digital game licenses are tied to an individual console rather a user’s account which was an issue raised soon after the Wii U’s release with owners worried if their console died they may not be able to transfer their account and games unto a new console.

Nintendo have not officially commented on this but I expect a comment followed by a patch to solve this issue.

This is an additional blow for Nintendo as an analyst has claimed that sales of Wii U consoles and games have failed to me the expectations of the biggest games retailer in the US, Gamestop.

Source: MCV

Reporter: Soulfinger

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