Reality Death Maze: A Running Man Computer Game?

a10cd21408fbea61f5f46deef2b282cd_largeIn Kickstarter Gaming News that isn’t a spiritual reboot of a game no-one remembers from the 1990s, Dimension Key Studios are looking for funding for their game DKS’s Reality Death Maze. Its a 3D, third person action game where you have to guide a luckless convict through a death-trapped labyrinth for the amusement of TV viewers. It’s an interesting idea, and unlike a lot of the stuff that gets coverage it’s not looking for huge sums of money – only $65,000 initially – and seems to be aiming for a quick turnaround.  It’s exactly the sort of thing that Kickstarter is really supposed to be about, right?

GS Reporter: Matt

Source: Kickstarter

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