Saboteur Strolls The Strip Club With A Swagger

Pandemic’s impressive production, “The Saboteur” has been mentioned here a couple of times already, but it really does look delicious enough that I reckon it deserves more of your eye time.

For your perusal: A gameplay video in which our hero takes a stroll through the “Belle De Nuit”, a location that I suspect will have some prominence in the game.

Yes, it looks like being another chip at the GTA block, and that’s a block that’s taken a few chips too many in recent years, but Pandemic’s first “Mercenaries” game was one of the more playable and different of the 3rd-person action sandboxes, and the quality of the presentation on this game is undeniable.

Plus, you know, I’m loving the hell out of the WW2 aesthetic, and the insertion of the ultra-violent random element into that setting is going to catch a lot of the goodwill that “Inglorious Basterds” built up in me.

Also loving the use of colour in this game:


GS Reporter: Nick!
Source: Pandemic Studios

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