Shadow Complex E3 trailer

An E3 trailer for “Shadow Complex” is doing the rounds at the moment.

I really don’t know much about this game beyond that it a) looks very different and b) looks like a lot of fun.

It’s a 3d side-scrolling adventure game, set in a world based on that of Orson Scott Card’s novel “Empire” – which I haven’t read. But it is written by Peter David, who has written some of the best comics of the last few decades.

And it’s going to be available soon (August 19th?) for download on the Xbox 360, from Xbox Live arcade – which is a console I don’t own.

But still, you don’t get many side-scrolling games any more, and you certainly don’t get all that many that look as awesome as this:

So this is probably one worth keeping an eye on. If, y’know, you have an Xbox 360.

As a bonus, here’s a developer video for you:

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