Sony Announces Price Cut for Japanese PS Vita

Vita screenFollowing months of poor sales since its launch in Japan, Sony have announced a price cut for its PS Vita console but only in its Japanese territory.The Vita which had cost ¥24,980 (£174) will now cost  ¥19,980 (£139) for the Wi-Fi only version and 29,980 yen -for the Wi-Fi and 3G/Wi-Fi model. The new prices will come into effect on 28th February.

Although the Vita has received a price cut,  its is still more expensive than Nintendo’s 3DS XL which cost 18,900 Yen and has comfortably outsold it every week in Japan sometimes by over 4 times. Sony will be hoping that the price cut will boost sales and reduce the gap if not overtake the sales of the 3DS but with no killer games for the system in Japan its doubtful sales will overtake the 3DS.

No confirmation has been given for any price cut in Europe or North America but Sony fans will be hoping the Japanese cut will lead to European and North American cuts.

Source: Eurogamer

Reporter: Soulfinger

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