Sony & Microsoft Confirm Game Prices

Xbox One-vs-PS4Both Sony and Microsoft have confirmed that games prices for the next generation consoles will remain at the current gen $59.99 US RRP for first party games.

Early fears had been that this generation could see an increase in prices as seen with the move from PS2/Xbox to PS3/Xbox 360 when prices increased by $10 from $49.99 to $59.99. 3rd party publishers are still able to set their own prices but outside of some high profile cases like Activision with Call of Duty, standard 3rd party prices tend to follow suit.

In the UK new games RRP at £44.99 but can often be found online at retailers such as Amazon or at the major supermarkets at more like £36.99 – £39.99

Source: IGN

Reporter: Soulfinger

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