Sony Patents Technology to Potentially Block Pre-owned Games

Sony CE logoPre-owned games have been a huge issue for console manufactures and games publishers. This is because once a game has been sold, the publisher receives no money for any trade-in or all future resale’s of a game by game shops who maintain 100% of all pre-owned game sales profits. There have been many rumours that console manufactures will implement technology to block pre-owned games from being able to be played on the next generation of consoles and it looks like Sony is the first to show their hand.

Its been revealed that Sony Computer Entertainment has filed a patent for technology designed to stop pre-owned game sales. The rumoured patent is supposed to be an NFC based technology that will tag a game disk with information such as whether its have been previously tied to different consoles or gamer profile. The console can then check for the tag before playing the game and if data is found about previous activity it can then block playback of the game. This technology could also potentially block rented games.

Many independent games studios and publishers will welcome this news as they also lose out of money made from pre-owned sales but as far as I am concerned any such block on pre-owned or rented game would be not be good for gamers. Many gamers such as myself use game trade-in and rent or buy pre owned game as we can’t necessarily afford to buy so many new games.

It must be noted that although such a technology may exists it does not mean Sony or other console manufacturers will implement them as described above. We will have to wait as see when hopefully the PS4 and next Xbox are announced later this year or in 2014.


Reporter: Soulfinger

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  1. Well, Sony, thank you so much for confirming that we don’t own the games that we pay for or the right to resell them after we’ve bought them. And thank you so much for encouraging normally law abiding consumers to go to whatever lengths we can to pirate your software and hack your consoles.

    What next? Will Hollywood stop us from selling our used Blu-rays and DVDs next?

    This is so obnoxious that I don’t know where to begin. Their logic is beyond distorted, It’s akin to saying that an automobile manufacturer doesn’t make any money once an owner sells their car therefore they shouldn’t be allowed to sell their car.

    Hey geniuses, you’re not losing any money. I play game “X” for three months and then I sell it and the next guy plays it for three months. So, instead of one person playing it for six months, two people play it for three months each. These greedy bastards are acting as if both consumers are getting utility of the game for the same period of time at the same time and THEY’RE losing out. Like the first guy gets to continue to enjoy the game after he sells it.

    If Sony implements this, I WILL NOT purchase a PS4 and I can guarantee that no one else will want the damned thing, either, Didn’t they learn not screw with consumers with extreme rights management tactics in 2005?

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