Sony Releases Images of PS4’s New Menu Interface

ps4-user-interface-pics-5Sony officially announced the PS4 on the 20th February and although we did not get so see the actual new console, Sony have now released images of the PS4’s all new menu system. Out goes the Crossed Media Bar (XMB) and in comes… comes a layout that in my opinion takes cues from Xbox 360 and Windows 8 tiles system.

This is the new start up screen PS4 owners will see when they first start the console. You get greater detail on the gamer, their trophies, shared videosĀ  and games library.Though not confirmed by Sony, the info on the trophies suggest that PS3 trophies will be carried over to the PS4.



Another new feature coming to PS4 is streaming games allowing gamers to watch their friends gaming sessions live.


The following two images show the also new PS3 App running on a smart phone and tablet. On the smart phone similar to OnLive, gamers will be able to watch gamers being streamed unto the phone.



One of the interest new features of PS4 is the share function which allows gamers to upload videosĀ  and screenshots of their gaming sessions via the press of a share button that’s on the new Dualshock 4 controller.



With several months until the release of the PS4 there could still be changes and tweaks to the new menu system but we now know in general what to expect.


Source: Pocket-lint

Reporter: Soulfinger

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