Sony Reveal PS4 Design and Price – £349 in the UK

PS4 ControllerSony have revealed the design of its new PlayStation 4 console and also confirmed the pricing in the US, UK and Europe. The PS 4 will cost £349 in the UK , $399 in the US and 399 Euro’s in the EU a price that undercuts Microsoft Xbox One procing in all regions significantly. The PS4 will be released in time for this Christmas although no exact date or month was given.


Key Features

  • Price. You’ll be able to get your hands on the PS4 later this year for just £349 in the UK or $399 in the US and 399 Euro’s.
  • PlayStation Plus will carry across to PS4, with a single membership bringing benefits to PlayStation Vita, PlayStation 3 and of course, PS4.
  • PS Plus on PS4 will allow users to seamlessly start playing games and join their online friends while spectating gameplay or enjoying cross game voice chat, as well as exclusive discounts, cloud game saves and Instant Game Collection.
  • The Instant Game Collection will launch on PS4 with #DRIVECLUB PS Plus Edition available at no extra charge.
  • PS4 promises games that can be experienced whenever, wherever and however you want, thanks to a system specially built to cater to the needs of the best developers in the world.
  • You’ll be able to play digital titles as they download from PlayStation Store, and update PS4 even when it is switched off.
  • Immediately pick up any saved game where you left off – the “suspend mode” of PS4 gets rid of loading times and lets you carry on by simply pressing the power button.
  • Gaikai technology will let you instantly try out sections of any game that catches your eye on PlayStation Store.
  • Check out what your friends are up to and see the games, TV shows, movies and music recommended especially for you on the newly designed PS4 menu screen.
  • Broadcast as you play via Ustream. If you get stuck, your mates can join in to help you or offer comments in real time.
  • You can use a variety of applications, such as a web browser, while you play a game.
  • Your favourite PS4 games will be playable on PlayStation Vita via Wi-Fi with Remote Play.
  • Meanwhile, the new PlayStation App lets you turn your smartphone into a second screen – for example, to let you view a map or see how a friend is tackling the same part of a game.


  • A new, built-in sensor will enable highly sensitive motion control.
  • You’ll be able to interact with games in new ways thanks to a touch pad on the front of the controller.
  • Additional sound effects will come from an inbuilt speaker; a headset jack lets you hear these in detail as well as chat with friends.
  • The controller’s familiar dual analog sticks have been enhanced to provide better precision.
  • New, curved L2 and R2 buttons will give you greater control.
  • Upload images and video to Facebook with a tap of the new SHARE button.
  • An LED Light Bar on the top of the controller will match the colour of in-game characters so players can keep track of each other. You’ll also be able to spot when a character has been injured, for instance.
  • A new camera has been developed alongside the controller, and tracks the location of DUALSHOCK 4 via its LED Light Bar.

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Source: Sony

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