Space Hulk Video Game Announcement!

space hulkGames Workshop have not been shy of pushing their bank on IP into the gaming space over the last few years. Relics Dawn of War series has been a big success, their Warhammer Fantasy MMO Age of Reckoning and Space Marine less so, and only last week they announced that Creative Assembly, the developers of the Total War series, were to make a game based on Warhammer Fantasy that really better be Warhammer: Total War or a lot of people are going to be disappointed. And now they’ve announced that developers Full Control are making a PC version of venerable board game “Space Hulk”, and that it’s going to be turn based, look like the board game, and feature full multiplayer support and a level editor. Trailer after the break

I really want this to be good. After the success of XCOM, it would be nice to see the turn-based tactics genre make a strong come back.

Reporter: Matt

Source: Games Workshop/Full Control.

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