Square Enix Registers ‘Deus Ex: The Fall’ Domains

Deus Ex 2Square Enix has registered several new domains for Deus Ex The Fall, leading to speculation that this could be the name of a new Deus Ex game.

The publisher has registered the domains DeusExTheFall.com , DeusExTheFall.net and DeusExTheFall.co.uk. with industry sources saying this could be a new Deus Ex game that Eidos Montreal the developers of Deus Ex Human Revolution is working on?

This new registration follows on from last week when Square Enix registered the domain Deus Ex: Human Defiance, that turned out to only be linked to the upcoming Deus Ex film that is being planned.


Source: CVG

Reporter: Soulfinger

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  1. I love this game, though I cant seem to get past the last level. Looking forward to seeing the new game come out..if there is one. 🙂

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