Star Marine: Infinite Ammo – New to the App Store

Indie developer GlichSoft have recently had their brand new iOS shooter ‘Star Marine: Infinite Ammo’ approved by Apple and it’s set to hit the app store on January 12th for iPhone and iPod Touch.

See below for some more info and a gameplay trailer:

Gamers play as Arc, a captured Space Marine, as he breaks free of his oppressors in a Run n’ Gun style gaming experience. This throwback to retro video games boasts ’10 massive bosses, 7 powerful weapons,’ spanning four different worlds and is slated to be the ‘first to solve Run n’ Gun touch controls’.

Look out for a review of ‘Star Marine: Infinite Ammo’ later in the week.

GS Reporter: Tom

Source: Indie Developer Consulting Press Release

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  1. montoc1701 /

    This looks cool and will get it for the Touch but is it Space marine or Star marine? Both cool names though..

  2. tomp94 /

    It’s Star Marine, might have to go in and re-word that…
    Yeah, loving the game so far! It’s freakin’ difficult though!

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