Star Wars Galaxies is coming to an end

Star Wars Galaxies box art.

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Sony Online Entertainment and LucasArts have announced that after eight years Star Wars Galaxies will be closed down by the end of the year.

With this being the first MMO to be set in the Star Wars universe the hype was huge however the game made a few missteps that caused it not to be as popular as first thought. The biggest one being their update in 2005 called “New game enhancements” that simplified the game to appeal to a larger audience of people who may not have played other MMO’s before. The hardcore players did not take this too kindly and ended up leaving the game for other MMO’s. 

The trading card game and the MMO will not be purchasable from the 15th of September 2011. People who have paid for their subscriptions will be refunded and the game will become free to play for all that own it until December 15th 2011 when the game will be shut down.

Fans are working with SOE to write a “galaxy ending event”. Also to thank the fans they are allowing free play on SOE other MMO’s such as Everquest and DC Universe online from October 15th until the end of the year.

It is thought that this move is to make way for the latest Star Wars MMO Knights of the Old Republic, which will hopefully console the fans of Star War Galaxies.

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GS Source: The Escapist magazine

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