Star Wars: The Force Unleashed Demo PS3 Played!

Don't mess with me! Look at this pose, am I bad or what?

So after meditating for how many hours in the force as my PS3 struggled to download the Jabba sized demo I was ready to roll. The first thing that annoyed me was the loading screen that popped up  when  I tried to get to the options page.  I understand we need to have loading between levels sometimes but I shouldn’t have to sit and wait just to change my controls or turn up the sound effects volume. Not a great start Lucasarts.

Once the game was loaded I was greeted with a pretty sweet cut scene with Darth Vader and his secret appentice. I’m hoping we get to see a lot more story within this game when the final verision is out but I liked the little taster. Anyway before you can say Mos Eisley you’re dispatched to a ship factory to take out a jedi and his boys. There’s nice nod to the ruthlessness of the Sith in that Vader demands you leave no witnesses. This means that loyal stormtroopers become little more than imperial cannon fooder (no change there).

I have to admit when I first plugged into the game I was kind of underwhelmed. This is always a problem when you hype up a game as much as this one has been.  I found that although it was cool, and relatively easy to use the force, it was actually easier, from a gameplay point of view to wade in there with the trusty light-saber. You also can’t use the force on the move which was another reason why the light-saber was sometimes the preferable option. I played the game for about ten minutes and turned if off dissapointed.

The following day refreshed (and now sober) after a few hours of staring at the twin suns of Northampton(what?) I decided to try again. This time around I got to grips with the game a lot more and I was soon tossing stormtroppers around like no one’s business(never got tired of that). I found that the dark side was indeed with me as I pulled parts of machinery from the walls, bent steel girdles to use  as barriers against tie fighters. In one part of the game I hurled a tie fighter as an afterthought at a  cheeky stormtrooper who had taken a potshot at me. There were also some great finishing moves which combined the force with the light saber to devastating effects.

The graphics and sound were both great but I have to admit recent next gen games like MGS 4 have spoilt me slightly. I expected to be blown away by the graphics of this game which didn’t happen. I’m hoping, as this is only a short look at the game, some of the other levels (especially the external missions) may look more visually appealing.

At the end of the demo you get to take on a scout walker…which to be honest was alright but nothing mind blowing. Hit it enough times to get a God of War style quick time event to finish it off.  This kind of boss battle would have been a good place to use some cool force stuff. How about tearing off one of it’s legs with the force then hurling it into the walker? or lifting the  walker and smashing it against the wall a few times. It seemed weird that I could hurl a tie fighter with the force but not a scout walker (especially considering the cut scene the developers kept showing off was you bring down a star destroyer using the force). Still this is only the demo so maybe we might get that kind of force stuff further on in the game as you get more powerful.

Overall once I got to grips with the controls I had a lot of fun with this demo and I would definitely check out the full game (maybe as a rental at first) as I’m a huge star wars nut. Other than the one cut scene there wasn’t a lot of story being given out. I’m hoping that alongside the ‘kicking ass with the force’ we also get a kick ass story to match. My worry is we’ll get some standard and uninspired story cut scenes as a bridge to get to the action as opposed to it being integrated with the action.

I’ve heard some people compare the gameplay as being similar to God of War and I’d go along with that. Whether The Force Unleashed will reach those epic heights only time will tell.

Reviewer: The Nuge

Console: PS3

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  1. Looking forward to the wii version of this as think its one of those games which will really suit the console

    Glad you enjoyed it once you got the hang of tossing Stormtroopers though 😉

  2. geeksyndicate /

    Yeh I should have seen the ‘tossing’ comment coming 🙂 (don’t even go there).

    Yeah I’ll probably pick it up or rent it on the PS3 so you’ll have to let me know how it plays on the wii version. Giving that there is so much going on at once there motion sensor stuff on the wii remote needs to be spot on to make this work. If it does though there is going to be a lot of fun to be had.

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