Summer of Indie: The Humble Indie Bundle 3

It’s the time of year when five indie developers put their games up for sale for whatever price you feel like paying in the third humble indie bundle.

This years games are Crayon physics deluxe, Cogs, VVVVVV, Hamerfight and And yet it moves. All these games are available across Windows, Mac and Linux and are DRM free so you can play them without an internet connection, make back ups and put them on as many of your Mac’s and PC’s as you want. Just like every year you can choose where the money you spend goes whether that’s to the charities like EFF and child’s play or to the developers of the games. Already over ten thousand copies have been downloaded and there is still just over thirteen days to go. I really hope that it does well this year, as I am a massive supporter of EFF and Child’s play and would love to see them get as much suport as they can.

GS Reporter: Jack Edge


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