Tekken 6 on PSP goes Gold

I’ve always been more into Soulcalibur than Tekken, despite the former prominently featuring one of my biggest game and storytelling pet-peeves, but Tekken’s 14 year history of delivering kick-ass can’t be denied.

So I have to acknowledge that if you’ve got a PSP, this is some pretty good news for you:

The killer stocking filler is on its way as NAMCO BANDAI Games Europe announces that development is complete on TEKKEN 6 for PSP, with the game hitting retailers across EMEA and PAL Asia on 11th December. Containing all the bone-crushing, over-the-top excitement of its big brothers released on Xbox 360® and PlayStation®3 in October, plus ad-hoc wi-fi versus battling, TEKKEN 6 for PSP lets players fight for the status of TEKKEN god whenever and wherever they choose.

The game included all 18 battle stages from the console versions, and 40 playable characters, but the real kicker is the fact that you can use the PSP’s awesome connectivity to kick the hell out of your mates, wherever and whenever you choose.*

It goes a little something like this:

*Dependent, I guess, on your friends being available, having a PSP, and owning the game.

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